Adult Individual Therapy

Taking the first step towards therapy is a powerful and sometimes daunting choice.

People choose to start therapy for different reasons. Some may be facing a particularly distressing time, whereas others may feel there are long-standing difficulties which hold them back from a more fulfilling life. And for some, therapy offers them a space to better understand themselves and their world.

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Why would I need individual therapy?

Individual therapy provides a space to address and overcome various challenges you may face in your life, offering to:

  • Explore feelings, beliefs, and behaviours
  • Process difficult memories and experiences
  • Assess aspects of your life that you'd like to change
  • Better understand yourself and others
  • Better understanding and managing of complex relationship dynamics

Whether you're dealing with stress, anxiety, relationship difficulties, career transitions, or personal growth, therapy provides support, insight, and effective ways to manage your difficulties that account for your unique experience.

What do we actually do in individual therapy?

Each therapy session is 50 minutes long. In the first few sessions, I will ask more guided questions to better understand you, your history, and your current difficulties. This is also useful to help you and I better understand and clarify the reason for your distress, which will help define the focus of your therapy process.

Therapy offers a safe space to understand and process your emotions, gain insight into yourself and your world, and help you integrate your experiences in a meaningful way. I'll work with you to navigate through these challenges and those of the therapy process.

Are sessions confidential?

Your privacy is respected, and all information shared remains strictly confidential within the boundaries of ethical and legal guidelines.